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"To make dreams come true... Smooth and shining skin, lively hair that does not fall out, moist, soft skin... We wanted to be the heroes of the magical world where health brings beauty and beauty brings health and happiness..."

Deren Öztürk Mataracı imza

From Plants and Nature

We said our dream products should be us, from us, like us, and we found ourselves researching the endemic plants of our country... The beauty of the Anatolian woman has shaped history...


Miraculous Ingredients

When we pursued the mystery behind it, we came across it: Crocus Chrysanthus... A crocus flower that greets the sun, delicate, eye-catching but strong enough to survive all the harsh conditions of nature...


Natural and Rich

Our greatest desire is to spread the beauty and power of Anatolia to you and the whole world with the magical ingredients we have obtained from Crocus Chrysanthus in each COSMED product.

Seasonal Products

Anti-Blemish Care
in Summer

Discover the effect of products enriched with tranexamic acid, glutathione and alpha-arbutin on your skin!

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