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A chemistry journey that started in 1984…

Making dreams come true... Smooth and shining skin, lively hair that does not fall out, moist, soft skin... We wanted to be the heroes of the magical world where health brings beauty and beauty brings health and happiness...
It all started in Paris in 2005, when I was 16 years old... A small, fragrant cosmetics shop, a variety of care products in different packages... One or two of each... Maybe the day I met Monique, a red-haired, short woman with colorful glasses and a cosmetics lover. It was the turning point of my life. While examining the cosmetic products she made by mixing plant extracts, she told me about the miraculous power of water... We always talked about the beginning of life in water, the miracles nature has given us, the patients it treated, the happiness in its patients' eyes and her dedication to skin problems ... As the daughter of a father who spent 25 years in chemistry and working on water, and who became one of the water authorities in the world, when he told me that he could not think of anyone who could do this job better than me, yes, I got excited, I daydreamed, but I said be realistic for a moment, Deren, and I got scared. How could I?

Why would not? We started by saying… 4 years have passed since the idea of ​​producing a dermocosmetics brand. A facility was established, meetings were held with cosmetic authorities, the market in Turkey and the world was researched, what is possible, what is not, how is it possible and is it even possible? The products have been studied... What is the real problem of the people of our country? Her skin… her hair… her body… Most importantly, her beauty and happiness… We wanted to produce products that address problems and make everyone smile… And on 09/09/2009 a baby was born: COSMED.
Here, you will see the efforts of our family dedicated to "creating beauty" behind each product... From the coming up of the first product idea, to its magical content, from the packaging design to the sales operation, to the dermatologists and pharmacists who adopted it as their own product, many valuable hearts have brought COSMED to its current position and continue to grow. It does. It's your turn, it's time to meet our science-filled beauty formulas...

Deren Öztürk Mataracı
Founder, CEO

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Anatolian flower that salutes the sun against all the harsh conditions of nature: Crocus Chrysanthus

We said that our dream products should be us, from us, like us, and we found ourselves researching the endemic plants of our country... We never forgot that Turkey and Anatolian lands have been the secret heroes of the beauty of many civilizations for centuries... The beauty of the Anatolian woman has shaped history... When we pursued the mystery behind this, we came across it: Crocus Chrysanthus... A crocus flower that salutes the sun, delicate, eye-catching but strong enough to survive all the harsh conditions of nature... Just like our dreams... Our greatest desire is to spread the beauty and power of Anatolia to you and the whole world with the magical ingredients we have obtained from Crocus Chrysanthus in each COSMED product.

Temiz Güzellik

Clean Beauty

We do not produce any products that we would not apply to our own skin. We create safe formulas with clean ingredients and closely follow the developments in the cosmetics world.

Cosmed hayvan sağlığı

We say no!

Anything that could harm you and nature... Preservatives whose harmful effects are discussed... Animal ingredients... Tests conducted on animals...

Ingredient Sourcing

From Anatolian Lands

We have never forgotten that Turkey and Anatolia have been the secret heroes of the beauty of many civilizations for centuries...

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