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UV rays from the sun, especially UVA, affect the skin in four seasons and damage the skin. The sun is not the only UV source; spotlights, fluorescent lamps and computer screens in shopping malls, schools and offices are also UV sources. It is recommended to use sunscreen in all seasons to protect the skin from the damages of UV rays.

COSMED ALIGHT All-In-One Discoloration Blend dose not contains an exfoliant (peeling) active ingredient.


COSMED ALIGHT All-In-One Discoloration Blend is a product suitable for use in summer - winter, 4 seasons.

Dermocosmetic products are not separately tested on pregnant women; however, vitamin A derivatives and caffeine are not recommended for pregnant women.
Instead of products that will cause radical changes during pregnancy use just the products like moisturizers, shampoos and sunscreens and for the others use only with the approval of the doctor.

When you stop using the product, your hair loss will not start again; however, it will not affect the hair strands, follicles and scalp.
It is recommended that you continue to use products that will not wear out.

Skin blemish formation occurs due to factors such as sun, pregnancy and use of certain medications.
It is strongly recommended to use sunscreen every day when the color fades or lightens; it can prevent the formation of spots.
The use of medication or any treatment that triggers it can cause your spots to reoccur.

UV rays from the sun, especially UVA, affect the skin in all seasons and damage the skin. UV source
not only the sun, but also spotlights, fluorescent lamps, computer screens in shopping malls, schools and offices
are also UV sources. Using sunscreen in all seasons to protect the skin from UV damage is recommended.

Cetyl alcohol, ceterayl alcohol and stearyl alcohol differ from other alcohol groups; these products are fatty alcohols and
does not have a drying effect on the skin.
Cetyl alcohol; derived from coconut oil, stabilizing or foaming agent in cosmetics
used as an emollient.
Stearyl alcohol is derived from coconut oil and is used to create an emollient feel.
Cetearyl alcohol is a waxy emollient derived from natural oils and is often used in cosmetics.

After a Brazilian blow-dry, it is recommended to use sulfate-free products that will not damage the scalp and hair structure.
 COSMED HAIR GUARD Hair Care Products do not contain sulfate and do not contain abrasive
You can use it after the applications.

After hair transplantation, COSMED HAIR helps prevent hair loss and supports new hair growth
You can use the GUARD Anti- Hair Loss Series.
I use (All- In - One Discoloration Blend, Multi-Function Peptide Cream, Sunscreen...)
can I wear makeup on these products?
COSMED products do not leave any white residue on the skin due to their high-performance absorption feature.


From the 20s onwards, collagen and elastin fibers that provide the youthful appearance of the skin cannot be synthesized as before and
It cannot regenerate itself, and how fast this happens is due to genetic factors, diet and smoking habits,
depends on variables such as water consumption. The biggest factor that causes skin aging from the 20s onwards
you should protect your skin from ultraviolet rays, use moisturizers suitable for your skin, moisturizers
As soon as you feel it is insufficient, you can start using appropriate anti-aging products.

The causes of acne formation may be bacterial or hormonal. Treat your skin with anti-bacterial, acne /
regular use of products designed for oily skin (at least 2 months of regular use)
If you do not see any changes in your skin, you should consult a dermatologist to evaluate other options.


The active ingredients Ancrine™ and Capilectine™ used in the COSMED HAIR GUARD Regenerating Care Series
prolongs the anagen (growth) phase, helps to reduce the telogen (shedding) phase and stimulates the growth of hair follicles.
stimulates metabolism and promotes its recovery. (See the active ingredients section for mechanisms of action.)


Soaps are salts of fatty acids soluble in water, with a pH alkaline, i.e. basic (greater than 7).
The pH of the skin is acidic 5.5 (/ less than 7) Therefore, when the skin is cleaned with soap, redness, itching,
Symptoms such as burning may occur. In addition, as the skin pH rises above 5.5, the colonization of bacteria
becomes easier and acne occurs.

The content of the stain product, which leaves no residue on the skin and penetrates under the skin, protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays.
titanium dioxide at the nano level, modified with manganese, so the color is off-white to beige
between the two. It does not contain any pigment.

COSMED products can be used by both male and female users in terms of content and structure.

Güneşten gelen UV ışınlarından, özellikle UVA dört mevsim etki etmekte, cilde zarar vermektedir. UV kaynağı
sadece güneş değildir, alışveriş merkezi, okul ve ofislerdeki spot ışıkları, floresan lambaları, bilgisayar ekranları
da birer UV kaynağıdır. Cildi UV ışınlarının zararlarından korumak için dört mevsim güneş koruyucu kullanılması
tavsiye edilmektedir.

In order to get the best effect from hair reduction products, you should use a method of your choice (rope, waxing, tweezing, laser
epilation, machine etc.) it is recommended to remove it from the root.

COSMED GLABROUS Hair Reducing Care Series products are applied as a cure following epilation. Permanent results
Regular use is recommended between 2-6 months depending on hair structure and density. After your hair structure decreases your relapse rate, your method of hair removal, your gender, any medication you are taking or
also depends on several variables, such as whether you have a hormonal disorder.

Factors such as your eating habits, lack of exercise, frequent weight gain and loss can contribute to the appearance of orange peel.


You don't need to do anything extra when using cellulite products; but for the best effect, you should do 30 minutes 3-4 days a week.
taking brisk walks for a few minutes, drinking plenty of water and using the product regularly will help you to feel better in a short time.


You can use COSMED COMPLETE BENEFIT Care products with acne that occurs with puberty.

Except in winter, you don't need to use a separate moisturizer COSMED ALIGHT All-In-One Discoloration
will be sufficient to use alone. In the winter months, if necessary, use supplement with a moisturizer.

Oil and moisture are two separate needs of the skin, especially for people with oily skin type, oil will remove oil from the skin.
cleansing the skin with products that will ensure its balance and oil to provide the moisture the skin needs
It is recommended to use moisturizers that will ensure its balance. Disruption of moisture balance, skin
malnutrition, premature aging and impaired defense mechanisms.

To remove the cleansing agents from the skin, you should rinse your skin with warm water.

Foaming is achieved with most ecocertified plant or amino acid-based surfactants.

For the removal of your existing ingrown hairs, after ensuring proper hair growth with a scrub and, if necessary, a razor blade, the hair follicles
will be weakened, which will indirectly help to prevent the formation of ingrowns.

Different anti-microbial ingredients are used instead of paraben, thus extending the shelf life.

HAIR GUARD Anti-Hair Loss shampoo helps prevent hair loss and helps slow-growing hair grow faster.
It is a shampoo developed to contribute to hair growth and support new hair growth. HAIR GUARD Anti-
Hair Loss Serum does not contain any purifying product and is applied directly to the hair follicles,
It is a product that does not rinse and supports new hair growth.

Foot odor occurs as a result of the activities of microorganisms that develop in the moist environment of the foot, COSMED
SOFT Foot Care Cream contains antimicrobial active ingredients that cause odor formation.
helps to prevent the growth of microorganisms and eliminate odor.

Tonic is recommended as part of the daily skin care routine after cleansing the skin with appropriate products, to remove dead cells and remaining purifiers that have not been removed from the skin and to make the skin flora suitable for the next application.

COSMED DAY - TO - DAY Purifying Peeling Cream has been developed to remove dead cells from the skin, including the most sensitive skin, with the microgranules in its content.

UV rays from the sun, especially UVA, affect the skin in four seasons and damage the skin. The sun is not the only UV source; spotlights, fluorescent lamps and computer screens in shopping malls, schools and offices are also UV sources. It is recommended to use sunscreen in all seasons to protect the skin from the damages of UV rays.

No, "sugar" is one of the most damaging factors for the skin, causing an increase of free radicals in the body and damage to collagen and elastin. COSMED REVOLUTION Multi-Function Peptide Cream is suitable for anyone who uses anti-aging products. By combining with the sugars that cause skin aging, it helps to protect collagen and elastin fibrils and prevent skin aging.

The World Health Organization and the Cancer Organization emphasize that sunscreens, even if they are sweat and water resistant, should be repeated after contact with the pool and sea.

COSMED GLABROUS Hair Reducing Care Products will increase the effectiveness of hair removal when applied together with laser hair removal.

COSMED GLABROUS Hair Reducing Care Products support more effective results after the completion of laser hair removal sessions.

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