Why does our hair fall out?

Hair loss, one of the biggest problems of our day, can be considered normal to a certain extent. A daily hair loss of 50-100 strands can be experienced. This problem, which we frequently encounter in men, can be seen more in women in their 30s and during menopause.

As the cause of hair loss;
- Genetic factors
- Thyroid
- Pregnancy
- Hormonal problems
- Medication use
- Anemia
- Environmental factors
- Smoking and alcohol consumption
- Physical and chemical treatments (dye, hair lighteners, blow-dryers, straighteners, tongs, intensive shampoo and conditioner applications)
- Long-term diets
- Improper nutrition
- Protein deficiency
- Hair diseases are confronting us...

In order to strengthen our hair and control hair loss, we can consult specialist doctors, use nutritional supplements, vitamin supplements and doctor-recommended hair care products.

Why does our hair fall out?

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